Why Rent from Luxury Rentals ?

All of our properties have been 100% remodeled & redesigned to modern luxury standards. Including breathtaking tile plank floors that give you the look of real wood but is actually high quality porcelain tile. Each one of our villa properties we spent upwards of 40-$60,000 on a total remodel. Luxury Rentals are amazing rental properties and if you don’t believe us read a few reviews from past tenants.

South Florida Championship Golf

South Florida has more Championship golf opportunities then any other region in North America.

Spring Training Baseball

Palm Beach Gardens / Jupiter now have 4 Major League Baseball spring training facilities. Florid Marlins, St Louis Cardinals & Houston Astros, Wahington Nationals.

Jupiter Beach is only a few miles away and has a dog friendly beach.

Palm Beach Gardens / Jupiter offer some of the best restaurants in all of Florida.